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I’m a fan of most anything Google releases, but I was scratching my head when just over a month ago they released Google Notebooks. My first note in Google Notebooks was, “I wonder what I’ll use this for?”. And then it basically just sat there, a lone note.

Open Noetbook button at the bottom of FirefoxThen along came a Firefox Extension that changed my attitude completely. With this Google Notebook Firefox Extension, (if you open this link in IE while signed into your Google account, there is an IE plugin that does the same thing as in Firefox) you can easily access your notes at the click of a button.

A small window pops up with a view of your notebook. It stays open while you refer to it so you don’t have to resize windows or pop back and forth between windows. You can even add notes or open the full notebook page.A small window pops up with a view of your notebook.

I’m finding that when I’m surfing the web, it’s very easy for me to get side-tracked from what I’m doing (which isn’t a bad thing, it’s the nature of the web), but many times I find that I would like to get back to where I was before the distraction occured. This extension, coupled with the Google service, allows me to take a quick note of where I was and what I was doing so that I can revisit it at a future date. I used to try to bookmark the page and the come back to it. What I found instead was that I had a lot of bookmarks and I didn’t know exactly why I had bookmarked them.

So if you came across Google Notebooks before and didn’t make much use of it, give it another go with the extension/plugin and you might just find that you’ll like it.

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