Monk-E-Mail Not Exactly a Private Message

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Monk-E-MailPeople have been raving about a flash-based talking monkey service called Monk-E-Mail hosted by It’s a fun way to send someone a message, especially if they’ve never seen it before. I laughed my head off when my boss sent me a message this morning.

There is a catch, however. The URL can be changed to reveal the messages of everyone in the system. So when you’re tempted to send your loved-one some dirty-talk, think twice. All someone has to do is change the numbers after “mid=” to something else to see your message.

From what I can tell, the messages start at and go WAY up from there. As of today they were up in the high 8600000. That’s over half a million messages to browse. Just be forewarned: don’t be surprised if you come across something that you’d rather not hear.

I found a funny message where somebody was sending subtle hints that a co-worker wears too much cologne. I’m sure there are some jems in there among all the junk. Post your good ones here if you find some worth sharing.

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