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Of all the blogs I’ve come across on the world wide web, most of them have made me curious about the author.  If I look for more information such as some sort of synapsis or bio, I usually (never) find anything.  It’s almost as if I must read every article to find out more about the blogger.

That’s when I realized that my blog has the same problem.  When you click on “About Me” you really don’t find much about me at all, although you certainly could peice together much more about me if you were to read each and every post.  At first I thought maybe people didn’t list info about themselves due to concerns for their privacy, but most blogs include bits and pieces of their private life if not whole chunks (depending on the purpose of the blog).

It is with this intent to more fully detail a little bit more about myself so that when you read an opinion tagged as Politics, you can look me up and find out that my opinion of politics is relatively immature and still developing due to my lack of interest up until a few years ago.  (It will also explain why there are not very many posts under “politics” category.)  When you read something under the Religion category you won’t wonder what type of Christian I am.  You’ll quickly be able to tell that I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons.  When I mention my brother, you’ll have a better idea about which brother I might be talking about and you’ll know that I actually have three of them.  That will also explain why I don’t every mention my sister…since I don’t have one.

Little pieces of information like this can be very helpful and I think more bloggers should make it more available.  Of course, there is the matter of privacy, but I love that people can get to know me without ever meeting me.  I follow a blog written by Faye Min who is currently living in China.  I think her writing style is fabulous, especially given her history which, unfortunately I had to dig out of her many posts.  I’m not sure I even have it all right, but nonetheless, from what I can make of her, she’s pretty cool.  If nothing else, I love her writing style and her honesty.

I don’t think I can be as honest as she is in her blog.  People know me as being pretty honest about my feelings in person, but if they only knew the truth.  I’m actually quite sensitive to the feelings of others, despite my apparent honesty in saying what I feel or expressing my opinions, and as a result I often hold back so as not to completely offend.  No matter what, I still want my friends to be my friends and if I’m always saying exactly what I say to my wife about their faults (we all have them) then they might not enjoy hanging around me as much.  They already tolerate quite a bit, especially my family.  I really hold back when it comes to my wife’s family. 😀

Although I have plans to more completely describe myself on the About Me page, it won’t be tonight, or tomorrow night, or even the next.  As a new Elder in our Elder’s Quorum said last Sunday, “I haven’t been coming to church, but I’m going to come every Sunday now.  And that’s a promise I’m making to myself, not to you guys.”  I laughed out loud.  I love that kind of honesty!

So I’ll update the page when I’m good and ready.  I just wanted you all to know that it’s in the works.

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