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I stumbled upon a Firefox extension whilst reading a Slashdot article today that makes reading Slashdot so much easier; specifically when you want to jump into a sub-conversation that is beneath your threshhold. I set my threshold to 3 and above, so a lot of the sub-conversations get modded down because they’re technically off-topic, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested.

Slashdotter 1.5 makes the “9 replies beneath your current threshold” into an expanded tree within the same page without having to navigate away from the page. Then you can quickly read the off-topic stuff without leaving the story. This is all made possible by Ajax. I just love what people are doing with it!

Other Firefox extensions that I’m using and really like a lot are:

Some that I’ve installed, but hardly ever use are:

  • Viamatic foXpose
  • Blogger Web Comments (used to use this all the time when my blog was hosted on, but ever since I started hosting it on my own server with WordPress, I don’t use it anymore.)

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