Man soll English lernen, es ist wichtig!

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My boss sent me this funny video today. He knows I went on a mission to Germany, but I think this video is funny even if you don’t speak German. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.


Ortec Design Featured as “Fresh Idea”

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My good friend John Orgill (owner of Ortec Design Wedding Videos []) was feautured on KUTV News’ segment “Fresh Ideas” [] today.  One of the reasons is because of his signature glass displays.  Funny thing is, he’s actually been doing the displays for at least two years now, if not longer.  So KUTV should’ve been doing this story at least a year ago!

John revamped his website and it looks great.  He’s done a great job of combining html and flash content.  I love his write-up in the new “About” section; it really does a good job of bringing out his fun personality.  It also shows off his cute family.  (Did I just say “cute”?)  He added a “Charity Package” to his pricing list which I think is a great idea.  It shows his innovation and thoughtfulness (although I’ll bet the credit goes to his wife on that one who is a real kindred spirit).  John has also done a great job of networking and gives great discounts for teaming up with photographers and florists that he likes to work with.  Good job, John!


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