Oh No! It's about more than just Apolo!

Filed under:Opinion,Video — posted by Tyler on February 15, 2006 @ 10:47 pm    Print Post

Heather and I were watching the Olympics tonight and we were slightly annoyed by the camera angles that NBC was choosing to shoot during the men’s speed skating relay. The relay is a TEAM sport, yet for half of the race NBC showed close-ups of Appolo Anton Ohno. That’s why I’m looking forward to the future of TV [whynot.net, 2003] where we’ll be allowed to direct our own show and choose our own camera angles; which already exist but will be more wide-spread in the future. There might be times where I want to watch the best skater on the team closely, but tonight was not the night.

I guess I might still be upset from Sunday’s disappointing semi-final men’s event [video.google.com] when Apollo got greedy and tried to pass into first place (even though he just needed to be in the top three to qualify for finals) and ended up falling and not moving on. I wanted to see him skate in the finals and his greed ruined it for me; and for him, of course. Maybe it was just the pressure to repeat [video.google.com].