Friends are great, family are wonderful!

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I’m currently working on a video project for Chrysalis []. My good friend, John Orgill, owns his own business called Ortec Design []. He has a wall painted green in the back of his office that we rent so that we can do some green-screen shots for this video. He’s really nice to let us use his facilities. And it was especially nice today because he had a loaf of German-style bread and meat that he was knid enough to share. It came as quite a relief after hours of shooting footage for a mere 10 minute clip.After the video shoot, my brother Rich came back home with me and helped me install some crown molding in our family room. I’ve been wanting to do it forever, but I’m not exactly handy when it comes to stuff like that. I guess I take after my Dad a bit, but I’m willing to give it all a try. (Except for plumbing which I’ve already tried and I HATED it!)We got all the crown molding up and it looks great!

My brothers are all awesome to help me the way they do! My brother Jason is the same way when it comes to helping me with projects. I don’t know what I’d do without all my awesome brothers!

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